To help you through the program we have provided the following tools. Each file is a PDF file that you can download.

  • ​​​Bristol Stool Chart
    Stool Chart:  This will help you better understand more about what type of stool you are having.  Other stool characteristics such as volume, frequency, color, and the presence of mucus or blood should be noted on your daily log.  If you do not have bowel movement for 2 days please notify your health care professional and let us know.

  • ​​​​Food Logs
    Food Logs:  The food log should be kept daily throughout the program.  It is an important tool to help you document what you ate, bowel movement type and frequency, reactions, etc.


  • ​​​​​​Portion Serving Chart
    Portion Serving chart:  A simple chart showing you proper serving sizes for a range of foods

  • ​​​​​Weekly Menu Plan
    Weekly Menu Plan: Preparation is important to be successful, planning your weekly menu ahead of time will not only help you with shopping but also help ensure you are getting the proper amounts of different foods in your meal plan.
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