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Antarctic NKO Krill Oil 1000 mg | 60 ct, 30 servings

This is the same premium Antarctic NKO Krill Oil 1000 that is part of the Vital-Blu Series. Each dose delivers 1000 mg of Antarctic NKO Krill Oil with...


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BergaPure 600, 60 ct, 60 servings

BergaPure 600 Is clinically proven to improve NAFLD in type 2 diabetic patients. 65% of diabetics have NAFLD, which can potentially progress to cirrho...


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CurcuCynergy HP capsules | 30 ct, 30 servings

CurcuCynergy HP is pure Curcugen™️ whole rhizome turmeric curcumin. This is a patented form of turmeric curcumin specifically designed to be water...


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Marine Collagen Tripeptide Powder | 175% extra strength

MoriKol is the premier 100% Type 1 collagen available today. Our Marine Collagen Tripeptide Powder is 100% pure and because of its unmatched high leve...


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Microbiomune | 60 ct, 30 servings

One of the Vital-Blu Series, Microbiomune was created by Dr. Bennett to leverage the new research into Synbiotics (combination pre and probiotic formu...


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Resverox | 60 ct, 30 servings

Resverox is the comprehensive bio-active custom formulation we offer. This blended formulation was created after an industry legend challenged us to c...


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ViralResist Immune Booster | 90 ct, 30 servings

ViralResist is a combination of 16 ingredient all of which are proven to support the bodies natural resistance to infection, particularly by viral pat...


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Vitamin D3 5000 | 120 ct, 120 servings

So, the last player in the Vital-Blu Series, Vitamin D3, is a bit of an enigma...its so very simple, relatively easy to make in our skin (go outside i...


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PerfectAmino – The 8 Essential Amino Acids

Optimized for Maximum Utilization...


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4 Week Bio-Individual Nutrition Program Special Edition

There are many different diets out there. Where do I start? Why does one work for one person and not for another? How come someone can eat cheese and lose weight but I go anywhere near it and gain 5 pounds over night? Ketogenic? Paleo? How do I know what is right for me? This program is designed to eliminate the major trigger foods that create inflammation, see what your body works well off of and what it does not. You will be able to recognize what your triggers are and learn how to build a food plan specifically for you and your needs.

Price: $299.00

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