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Celiac, IBS, and Chron’s Array (CICA)

The CICA Gut Health Assessment analysis is designed to provide an accurate evaluation of gastrointestinal tract function by gathering information from...


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Cellular Nutrition Assay (CNA)

Cellular testing for nutrient sufficiency, antioxidant capacity, and specific protective antioxidants Metabolism happens within cells. Cells need nutr...


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Telomere Length

Telomeres become shortened over time as a cell divides and replicates. They can be prematurely shortened due to oxidation, inflammation, and stress. T...


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4 Week Bio-Individual Nutrition Program Special Edition

There are many different diets out there. Where do I start? Why does one work for one person and not for another? How come someone can eat cheese and lose weight but I go anywhere near it and gain 5 pounds over night? Ketogenic? Paleo? How do I know what is right for me? This program is designed to eliminate the major trigger foods that create inflammation, see what your body works well off of and what it does not. You will be able to recognize what your triggers are and learn how to build a food plan specifically for you and your needs.

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