Bio Individual Nutrition 4-week Course

4 Week Bio-Individual Nutrition Course

RCA Nutrition dedicates a high level of passion and excitement for nutrition and wellness. Whether you are trying to lose weight, you are tired of being tired, or you need a solution to the endless pain and discomfort that comes with every passing day, RCA Nutrition has a solution for you. Our 4-week program is the perfect place for you to begin.

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Nutrition that is right for you

People everywhere are realizing the importance of healthy eating and the rising truth about what is actually in the food they eat. You and I both have been through hundreds of websites looking for advice that would help us right now where we are at. The demand for solutions that produce results is at an all-time high. The Bio-Individual Nutrition program with teach you about the Nutrition that works for your body. The weight loss that comes with it is an added bonus!!!

We are inundated with life, with all of its complications and challenges, and low and behold our weight slowly creeps up. Before we know it, our clothes fit different, we find ourselves more tired than we used to be, and our doctor seems to keep repeating something about how we need to eat less and move more.

Technology to the rescue? A quick google search for the best diet of the year, download the mot popular calorie counting app and away we go to better health, but the scale doesn’t budge.

We try all the methods on WebMD or our favorite websites, but nothing is getting better. Frustrated, we remember the Facebook post we saw the other day that this must be part of getting older. What if it’s less about the latest trend, diet or fad and it’s actually about having the right balance of body chemistry to get our bodies working the way it is meant to?

This is what the Bio-Individual Nutrition Program is all about – removing inflammation (and the weight that comes with it), restoring, and maintaining the body– so it can work the way it was meant to. The way it was supposed to before all of the stress, and sitting, and errands, and wondering where the day went, etc.

What so many doctors rarely ever explain, is that increased body fat and resistance to weight loss are symptoms of underlying imbalances. What can you do to fix it? I have some ideas: there are simple answers to complicated problems. Like many diseases, weight issues are a combination of many different factors. Addressing it with the mainstream approach—take a drug, move more, cut down on your food intake—dramatically oversimplifies the solution.

How to Find the Perfect Diet for You

For anyone struggling to lose weight a solid recommendation is to complete the Bio-Individual Nutrition Program where you will remove all the toxic and inflammatory foods, and identify any personal food sensitivities. If you’re eating a diet of processed foods or foods you have a sensitivity to, you’re continuously damaging your gut, disrupting your hormones, and stressing your immune system, all of which can cause you to gain weight. This includes all of the ones you’ve seen or purchased labeled healthy, gluten-free, low-calorie, or low-fat.

Your body is designed to eat real food not packaged foods. Feeding your body processed foods that are calorie dense, nutrient poor, and full of toxic chemicals, causes it to stop functioning properly. Your systems get overloaded or start shutting down, the pounds start piling on, you tire easily, and it can become difficult to concentrate. Know anyone that can relate?

We have good news for you! The simple solution is to switch to a diet of clean foods that your body can actually digest. This allows your body to reverse all of these symptoms and kickstart your weight loss. In fact, for many people, completing our guided Bio-Individual Nutrition Program, the pounds simply fall away as they cut out the junk and remove inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar. Then, after your body has had a break from the constant inflammation, and has begun digesting foods the way it was designed to, you can add foods back in one at a time, to figure out which ones you do well with (and can continue eating), and which ones you have a sensitivity to. Unlike short-term, cookie cutter weight loss diets, this process will help you discover the perfect life-long diet for your unique needs.

Are you really busy​? No problem! We have created slides and MP3 audio to take the weekly notes with you on the road or to your next meeting so you’re not stuck in front of a computer.

You might have questions along the way. We have you covered. At any time if you need anything during the program, you can also reach out to the Help Desk to get support.

What You Will Learn

How to find your perfect “diet”

From weight management to peak fitness performance, we all need to be educated on the most optimal nutrition regimen that works for us. After all, we are not one size fits all people and should not be treated as such. The Bio-Individual Nutrition Program will help you discover the most effective ways to achieve a diet personalized by you and for you with research-based nutritional advice.

A helping hand

You’ll learn the tried-and-true approaches so the nutrition plan you design will not only work for you today, but set you up for success in the future.

Dispel False Nutritional Beliefs

Discover our proven procedure for distinguishing what nutrition is right and wrong. You’ll learn how to spot unreliable nutrition knowledge while educating yourself on the correct way to approach dietary changes, no matter what age or demographic.

Bio-Individual Nutrition is the missing link

Bio-Individual Nutrition is the science and clinical application of nutrition intervention (food and nutrient choices) based on the individual biochemical needs of the unique person. Unique needs require a unique program. A program that is willing to run against the grain of what is popular and trendy this week. Our program is the missing link between what you’ve always done and where you want to be.

If you sign up now you will receive:

  • 7-day detox
  • Individualized portal for private learning
  • Meal Plans and Recipes
  • ​Multiple learning formats optimized for mobility
  • Nutrition Education
  • ​Nutrition Tools and Resources
  • Recorded Calls with Suzi helping you transition Week to Week
  • ​Help Desk Support

If you’re ready to discover your perfect diet, I highly recommend Bio-Individual Nutrition Program eCourse. It includes all of the resources you need, including meal plans, recipes, videos, education, and more, to help you lose weight and find a nutrition program that works for you!!!

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