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Genetic Report


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We utilize your DNA data and create an easy to read report for use in identifying single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that may impact your health.



1. Purchase your RCA Nutrition Genetic Report above

2. Fill out our Client Information Packet

Your genes are the foundation to understanding your health and the roadmap to better nutrition. Other factors that are crucial to give you the best results include your current nutrition, your environmental factors, and your medical history. Our information packet is the companion to your gene reporting offering us a better picture of your overall situation and health.  

We will send you the intake packet when you place your order.  Please complete it and return it to us.  We will use it when processing your report.


3. Receive and Complete your Genetic Test

You will receive your Genetic test in approx 5-7 business days from when we put in the order. Complete the test at home with the supplied instructions and return it to the lab.

4. Receive your Personalized Report

Once we have completed generating your report we will go over the results with you along with our recommendations.


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