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Mag-NMN 1000 mg

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Magnesium Orotate + Verified NMN™️ 1000 mg per serving

  • Magnesium Orotate at 1700 mg per serving (120 mg of elemental magnesium)
  • Magnesium Orotate delivers enhanced cellular absorption
  • Magnesium is well recognized in heart health and tissue repair
  • Magnesium deficiency is recognized in >70% of the US population
  • Magnesium is involved in >400 biochemical pathways in the human body
  • Magnesium is highly consumed when the body is under stress
  • Magensium Orotate is shown to ameliorate cardiomyopathy
  • NMN 1000 mg per serving is a premium daily dose
  • NMN supports DNA defect repair through PARP enzymes
  • NMN replenishes the declining NAD+ levels that occur with aging
  • A 50 year old person has approximately 1/2 of the NAD+ of a teenage person
  • NMN is shown to enhance immune B cells that lose efficacy with aging
  • NMN is shown to benefit osteogenesis (bone growth) in aging animal experiments
  • NMN largely reverses the diseases of aging in animal experiments
  • NMN is shown to enhance exercise endurance and VT1 levels in runners


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