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Molds ALCAT Panel


Additional charges may be necessary based on your location


The 20 Mold ALCAT Panel will measure an individual’s sensitivities to 20 Molds.
• Alternaria alternata
• Aspergillus fumigatus
• Botrytis cinerea
• Candida albicans
• Cephalosporium gramineum
• Cladosporium herbarum
• Curvularia
• Epicoccum nigrum
• Fusarium oxysporum
• Geotrichum candidum
• Helminthosporium
• Hormodendrum cladosporium
• Monilia sitophila
• Mucor racemosus
• Penicillium
• Phoma herbarum
• Pullularia aureobasidium
• Rhizopus stolonifer
• Rhodotorula rubra
• Spondylocladium
• Trichoderma


The ALCAT Process:
You have 3 options for the blood draw.

If you would rather have a mobile phlebotomist come to you, we can have this ordered for $75 above.  There is a check box to select this when you purchase the ALCAT




 you may reach out to a local hospital, lab, your physician, or a licensed phlebotomist for the blood draw.




To see a list of labs around you that have partnered with Cell systems for walk-ins for the ALCAT blood draw You can utilize the following links:


** As with all walk in labs, please be sure to call ahead to confirm services, fees and schedules. These are mostly franchises and all have different procedures and services.


Please be very well hydrated and to wear a garment that has short sleeves or sleeves that can easily be rolled up for the blood draw.  If you are taking anti-histamine supplements, stop them 48 hrs before the blood draw.


We will receive the results from the ALCAT and we will reach out to you when they come in



Before you test:
Is the Alcat Test a food allergy test?
The Alcat Test is NOT a food allergy test. It is designed to test for sensitivities. Although the terms have been used interchangeably, food allergy and food sensitivity are quite different from one another. True allergies involve an immediate response and the symptoms are very often significant. For example, immediate hives and anaphylaxis are significant, immediate symptoms that may occur from true food allergies. Sensitivities are most often responsible for chronic inflammatory symptoms. The patient should avoid all items to which he/she has a known allergy regardless of the reaction or non-reaction determined by the Alcat Test.

Is the Alcat Test and IgG test?
The Alcat Test is not an IgG immunoglobulin/antibody test. The Alcat Test is a leukocyte activation test that analyzes direct, pro-inflammatory cellular responses of the innate immune system. IgG immunoglobulin testing does not assess or measure a pathological process and may simply reflect exposure and tolerance (not intolerance).

Is fasting required before taking the Alcat Test?
No. Fasting is not required. However, we recommend NOT taking any medications or supplements at least 4 hours prior to the blood draw. Being well hydrated is recommended prior to the blood draw.

Should previously reactive foods (or foods the person believes are problematic) be reintroduced/consumed before testing/retesting the Alcat test?
Numerous pathways may provoke the cellular response detected by the Alcat Food and Chemical Sensitivity Test. Some may require exposure, others do not.
For suspected food offenders (with the exception of true allergies) that have been avoided previous to testing, priming the system by consuming those foods two to three times within the week prior to testing would be best. For patients who do not wish to consume the suspected “problem foods” prior to testing, it is important to be aware that the cellular response measured by the Alcat Test, may or may not occur for those suspected foods, depending on the pathway responsible for the response.


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