Celiac, IBS, and Chron’s Array (CICA)

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Celiac, IBS, and Chron’s Array (CICA)



The CICA Gut Health Assessment analysis is designed to provide an accurate evaluation of gastrointestinal tract function by gathering information from various pathways.

Two out of five Americans have gastrointestinal disorders: up to 20% are affected by IBS, 0.44% impacted by Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, and up to 1% with celiac disease.
The CICA provides Insights regarding: Non-celiac gluten sensitivity, celiac risk assessment, IBS, Crohn’s disease; with these GI issues there may be potential comorbidities such as skin and joint problems, diabetes, and autoimmunity.

CICA test results are color-coded and easy to read. Each result is thoroughly explained with expert commentary.

The CICA profile evaluates:
• Genetic risk for celiac disease
• Serum markers associated with active celiac disease process
• Genetic risk markers for Crohn’s Disease
• Serum markers associated with Crohn’s disease
• A serological marker for diminished antigen exclusion in the gut


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