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Celiac, IBS, and Chron’s Array (CICA)



The CICA Gut Health Assessment analysis is designed to provide an accurate evaluation of gastrointestinal tract function by gathering information from various pathways.

Two out of five Americans have gastrointestinal disorders: up to 20% are affected by IBS, 0.44% impacted by Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, and up to 1% with celiac disease.
The CICA provides Insights regarding: Non-celiac gluten sensitivity, celiac risk assessment, IBS, Crohn’s disease; with these GI issues there may be potential comorbidities such as skin and joint problems, diabetes, and autoimmunity.

CICA test results are color-coded and easy to read. Each result is thoroughly explained with expert commentary.

The CICA profile evaluates:
• Genetic risk for celiac disease
• Serum markers associated with active celiac disease process
• Genetic risk markers for Crohn’s Disease
• Serum markers associated with Crohn’s disease
• A serological marker for diminished antigen exclusion in the gut

What are the recommendations for gluten consumption prior to having the CICA test?
• For the genetic component only: gluten consumption prior to testing would not impact the results. Continue with current eating pattern. No change in gluten consumption is necessary.
• For serology markers (antibody titers) Because antibody titers are exposure related, purposeful avoidance of gluten can cause a decrease of serological results. Therefore, the patient’s exposure to gluten containing grains should be considered when interpreting tTg and DGP serology results.

Our recommendations:
For those without a current diagnosis of celiac disease or wheat allergy, who have been avoiding gluten, a consumption of gluten (≥ 1 ½ slices of wheat bread or equivalent daily) for a minimum of the first two weeks of the last four weeks, prior to testing, is recommended.

Should a patient be retested to monitor progress? How long after avoidance would an improvement in serology markers be seen?
The genetic component of CICA is not necessary to test more than once.
For those with a diagnosis of celiac disease, using this test to monitor and assess impact of the gluten free lifestyle on tTg and DGP antibodies, continue to follow the gluten free lifestyle. The strictness of the gluten free lifestyle to prevent celiac disease activity may not be equal for all individuals with the disease. Reports range from a few months to a year or more for the antibody level to go from positive to negative. For those with a diagnosis of celiac disease, please consult your physician to determine if this test is appropriate for you.

Are these tests covered by health insurance?
No. Insurance plans do not reimburse for this test, currently.

How long will it take to receive my test results?
CICA test results are available online in 5-7 business days after the specimen is received in the laboratory. For tests ordered through a practitioner, results will be provided to the patient, by the practitioner.


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